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Atb Romulus Xavier Sanchez Ref
Lazarian96 for making this for me! the character design is mine, but the art is all hers!

Name:  Romulus  Xavier Sanchez (call Xavier)

Sex: male

Gender: male

Age: 18



Brief Description: muscular in a healthy way lean, built like a runner

Eyes: a golden hazel color

Hair: Black with white

Skin:  a rich Brazilian Carmel with pale white irregular patches on his body

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 134lbs


Ability: High speed

Brief Description: He can move very fast, from talking, to running or throwing punches or objects

How it Works:  When running, he must get a running start to gain momentum. Once achieved he can run up to 35 mph flat out. While fighting there's no need to warm up, although he'd be slower at first. Throwing things, he's like a baseball pitcher whipping out a fast ball.

Drawbacks:  Can run in bursts of about 90 seconds before his body feels heavy and fatigued. The boy's got to eat every two hours to keep energy up and he's extremely sore after fighting, even if he didn't get struck.



Rate all out of 10. You can have 3 10/10 max.

Leadership:  6

Teaching: 6

Intelligence: 7

Strength: 6

Speed: 10

Combat: 9

Offense: 8


Ability Use: 7

Power: 6

Control: 7

Medicine: 4


Building: 6

Farming: 1

Sight: 7




Brief Description: Comedic relief, Hyper. eager to meet new people and loves to laugh. Artsy. He paints on his shoes and clothing so he can have a pun to say about it.This comes in handy when he's drawing out a design to build.


Positive Trait: Clever as a fox. If he can't fight his way out of a situation, he can fast talk until they get tired of him and let him go. Mostly about random things. He can fashion just about anything out of the available resources around him


Positive Trait: Resourceful. Give him a fishing line, he can make various things out of it.


Positive Trait:Always has a positive outlook. At least he tries to anyway.


Neutral Trait: Flirty. No other way to explain this.


Neutral Trait: Flamboyant. He's like one of those anime guys who walk into a room, start speaking and strike a pose. ("My body is a splatter paint work of art!")


Neutral Trait: The boy cant sit still or shut up. He has loads of energy unless he runs or fights then and only then will he shut up because he's asleep. Actually... no.... he talks even in his sleep


Negative Trait: very bad comedic timing. He's the one that would say a Knock knock joke in the middle of a fight. Or make really, really, face palming worth, bad puns.


Negative Trait: Can be too positive at times. Remaining optimistic will leave him oblivious to the bad things going on around him. Unless a death is caused, he's more then likely to assume everything is right as rain. Because of this, he's often considered insensitive and careless.


Negative Trait: Criticism. Whether its from his art work or his building skills, even his skin, talk smack to him and criticism him for it, then you're more then likely to eat his fist... or a rock.


Romantic Info

Orientation: Bi sexual

Gender Preference: either one

Relationship Status:  single

Turn-Ons: brown and blue eyes of any shade, brown hair… Laughs at his bad jokes

Turn-Offs: light colored hair, no funny bone.


Significant Other:

Spouse: X

Exes: Four. Or was it eight…..



Mother: Lilly (dead)

Father: John (dead)

Siblings: no

Children: X

Pets: nope




Mentor: John His dad

Students: none yet

How They Learn: Books? As long as they have diagrams in them, amazing at hands on things, Mostly self taught though.


Child (1-6)

 Born in Louisiana His family was on the move constantly. He was used to a nomadic lifestyle, following the animals they hunted.


Student (7-16)

 While on the move, his dad trained him to be a builder and engineer, showing him how many things that some might consider useless was actually useful. Most of this time his father would hand him things (a toilet plunger, a deep sea fishing rod and rope) and he'd make a trap out of it or something that can be used to haul heavy things.


Adult (17-?)

 His parents died when they where two towns away from the one he is in now. He arrived as the defectors split and decided to join them.





Thoughts on the group as a whole: that leader's tattoo is nice! It's hard to fly though when you have wings on your chest....


Thoughts on the group as a whole: Couple of them are cute, but their boss is scary. Wouldn't want to see him in a ferret. (get it fit? and he has a ferret? hahaha)


Thoughts on the group as a whole:
S(r*w the rules! *snaps ruler* rulers are made to be broken!

Outside Groups

Thoughts on the group as a whole: they are ok, always welcome! come to the dark side, i made knifes....


  •  He has a family heirloom from his mother's side called a Ulu. this is his weapon of choice.
  • His mother's ancestors where Inuits from Alaska
  • He can speak some Louisianian french and a bit of Spanish
  • His skin condition is called vitiligo. 
  • Those he considers close friends (or lovers)He lets them call him Ramu.




Preferred Rp Location:

Discord, messenger, E-mail, google doc

Activity Status:  Very active on week days

Delays: Family time, Doctor appointments, Church, drawing other roleplays

Roleplay Limits: will not use God's name in vain.

Roleplay sample:

Lian made a tiny 'eep' sound as she was suddenly lifted from the ground and wrapped up in a leathery fold of his wing against his chest. Her cheeks where pink and she started to pluck at the sleeves of her kimono. "T-they are loud. And make my body hurt for some reason. Apparently every lark is sensitive to different weather patterns. I could tell a thunderstorm is coming by my bones aching. It's worsens as it gets closer. "She said softly having stopped plucking at her robe and started drawing swirl patterns on the bit of wing closest to her.

(made by duskofthedurps on dragon cave, edited by TeamTastyAssJams  )

Joseph and Curse complete!
For After the bombs my character having a crush on "curse" Chloe TheShadowFell
Colored and shaded with colored pencils! Outlined in pen.
Yo watchers! Hello hello! Im here to tell you about a awesome clear out that you must see!

Lots of good adoptibles are up for cheep and plenty of free ones that all you have to do is spread the word! I recommend making a journal beforehand so someone else cant sweep up your chosen pretty and take off with it cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West!

I'm getting a pretty doggo from making this so off i go! :witch:

Link here! Down fella (Reactions) 
I try cleaning out my stash and please people take them of my hands!!!!
But before you look  to claim some free adopts help me to clear out my horrible designs and also make a journal about this!!!

Take many as you like!!!

Adopts I sale!!! THEY ARE ULTRA CHEAP!


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Danielle Kimber
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Love D&D drawing and reading. I also write my own stories and poems! If you want to read them check them out here! I WILL NOT be posting them on here! PLEASE dont ask me to, I don't want any of my work be stolen and everything is copyrighted. Thank you! ((Please excuse spelling/gramer issues... i suck at spelling XP)) Most of them i wont be.. but they are mine some i might... feel free to comment on them!


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